Free Clinical Trials Data Management system

developed to meet unique needs of research sites


These days, there are many information systems whose aim is to manage clinical trials for the needs of CRO and Sponsor.
CTDMS has a different goal in mind. It was designed to accommodate the unique needs of research sites and
was developed by experienced investigators for colleagues.

See video of how our system works

Video sample

Planning with CTMS

CTDMS makes planning simple. Setup is designed to be as easy as possible. Join CTDMS, create new studies, enroll patients and plan visits within required windows.
Store patient`s details in CTDMS and perform searches for your recruitment needs.


Resource accounting

Track businesses of research site personnel and resources while conducting trials and planning new patient enrollments.
Store related documents in one place and make them easily available to all study team members.


Control and audit in CTMS

Be well informed on your trial status in real time and aggregate data on all studies in one place. Track visits and be alerted to missed visits or deviations from visit schedules.


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We recommend the latest version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer to use our service

Download (offline-version)

Considering the needs of research sites regarding confidentiality issues we developed offline-versions of CTDMS service. You can download it from this page and install in your local network. When using offline-version of CTDMS all information remains in your LAN and never leaves it or interact with Internet (except getting updates).

System requirements for offline-version:

Server – any PC or server with MS Windows XP or later.
Client – any device with web-browser (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Androind, PC, tablets, smartphones). No additional software is required.

1. CTDMS service is installed on PC, which plays server role and serves requests from all site`s users. You can choose any PC (or real server) with MS Windows to be such server. Please consider that choosen “server” PC should stay online for other site users to operate in service (so some of the sites will require it to be online 24/7).

2. In case CDTMS service is unavailable from user`s devices in LAN please check firewall and antivirus settings – incoming connections on port 8888/TCP should be allowed on “server” PC.